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Driving competitive growth, unlocking and capturing emerging opportunities

We work with African companies, entrepreneurs and investors helping them to become global champions, drive competitive growth and to accelerate value creation.  We support companies and business leaders to help  them drive growth, enhance operational capabilities and boost profitability. We have developed high quality knowledge, insights, and experience on a variety of topics, through our engagement in the region.

SSCG Africa's footprint ensure forward-thinking, skilled professionals who understand the complexities of doing business on the continent. Our deep expertise on Africa and long-standing working knowledge means we can deliver informed perspectives, local knowledge and clear, value-adding solutions. 

How we can help

Market Entry and Development


We helps clients identify and enter new markets, increase revenues in existing markets, improve operational performance, and deliver products and services more competitively to ultimately outpace their competitors. More

Capital Projects Delivery and Management


We support clients manage capital projects through controls, processes and procedures toward increased project transparency, accountability and benefit realisation by adopting an integrated project procedural framework. More

Operation Transformation Management

We serve many of Africa’s companies and institutions, working with clients to mobilise for change, shape winning strategies and drive effective execution to achieve top performance and results.

Risk Management and Controls


We offer an objective, professional approach to managing the many risks associated with projects implementation.  We help clients reduce risks of project failure by improving practices in change/scope management, issues management, planning, scheduling, resource management, accounting, quality assurance, and communication. More

Strengthening the Value Chains


We work with our clients helping them to strengthen their business value-chains to enhance operational efficiency and visibility, reduce costs while boosting margins, and increase the volume of added-value products commercialised in selected industry value chains and markets.  More

Localisation and Regulatory Compliance


We help our clients develop and execute their internationalisation and localisation strategies to ensure they understand and adapt their operation   to different regional peculiarities and business requirements of target locale while also enhancing compliance.

Enhancing African Operations and Portfolios

With an estimated market of 1.4 Billion population and collective GDP of 6 Trillion in the next 10 yrs, rising consumer spending, growing middle class, infrastructure development opportunities, improved economic and doing business environment in addition to local raw materials. The region offers global companies trade and investment growth opportunities to enhance their portfolios.

Shaping African Future and the Economy

Rising Fierce African Market Competitiveness


Local business players are competing fiercely for the same markets and are now better managed and much sharper on strategy. Overcoming complexities and  steadily improving their processes. Rising to the top and staying there appears to be much harder than before—and only the strongest survive. As African companies create greater value, personal wealth is also increasing at an impressive rate.

Talking Future African Economic Growth


 At the Oxford Africa Conference 2019, SSCG Chief Executive Eugene Nizeyimana discussed the future of the African economy, AfCFTA potential and untapped opportunities for entrepreneurs and companies with  Dr Donald Kaberuka,  Prof Arthur Mutambara,  Dr Kandeh Yumkella and  Dr. Adeyemi Dipeolu.

AfCFTA: Revitalising Regional Market and Intra-Africa Trade


Home to the world’s largest free trade area with an estimated combined consumer and business spending of $6.7 trillion in 2030. How can Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) boost growth and increased market access opportunities for entrepreneurs and small businesses across the continent to a much larger market. More

New Era of Competitive Manufacturing in Africa


African manufacturing sector is booming unlocking new market opportunities, stimulating the economy and creating new jobs. A key focus is integrating industry 4.0, advanced manufacturing and automation technologies to scale production, product quality,  process efficiency; and operation excellence while reducing costs and boosting profitability. 

Next Gen African Transformation Leaders


Today's enterprise need  agile leaders with more than common sense, who understand basic economics and crucial issues of 21 Century such climate change, factors for competitiveness and intersectorial linkages. Agile leaders for sustained economic and social development who resist bad ideas and forces that destroy governance. Leaders who understand how to govern and impact of policies that they formulate. Leaders who know how to create and recognise the value.

Rethinking African growth in a Time of Global Uncertainty


The global economy is growing, but also faces trade uncertainty. Whatever the eventual outcome of global instability, companies can and should see the current high-global uncertainty environment as a prompt to rethink and strengthen their supply chains  in Africa for resilience. 

Our People

Eugene Nizeyimana


Director and Leader, Automotive, Manufacturing, Energy, Oil and Gas

Trevor Simumba


Director and Leader, Development Economics, Trade and Business Development

Dr Ishaya Adamu


Director,  Corporate Management and Leadership

Dr Gbadebo O. A. Odularu


Principal Consultant, Trade, Economics and Agribusiness

David Ephraim Mathias


Partner and Lead Consultant, Small Business and Commercial Banking  

Veronica George


Partner and Lead Consultant, Project Management and Business Development

Ursula Banda


Partner and Lead Consultant, Enterprise and Project Management, Malawi

Dieudonne Ndagijimana


Partner and Lead Consultant, Manufacturing Processes and Quality Management, Rwanda

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