Business Management Excellence

Creating changes and transformations that deliver many benefits

Our Business Excellence Services prepares organisations to move towards excellence through integrated model based process improvement services such as EFQM Excellence Model and Total Quality Management (TQM).  

Faced with rapidly changing market, business climate and consumer shifts, business need to continue innovate and restructure strategies,  learning, transform business management practices and application of innovative tools to ensure delivery on value and stay profitable and competitive.

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Featured Capabilities

Bridging the gaps between strategy and execution

SSCG Strategy Services

Link organization to strategy and realize value: We make sure the design focuses management attention on the strategic priorities and critical operations of each business unit, region, or product—be it international expansion, cost-cutting, or growth through acquisitions.

Establishing Customer Centricity and Satisfaction

SSCG Strategy Services

 Effective management of customer needs is a key differentiator for businesses today. Managing customer expectation is having a defined fulfilling customer experience. Customer centric approach is being sensitive to client needs and proactive interaction with clients.  

Unlocking new business efficiencies and value

SSCG Business Growth Services

We help our clients transform management operation and adapt unique implementation approaches to quickly realise the economic value.  Our approach identifies an explicit, value-adding "mandate" for the corporate center—for example, co-ordinating key functions or driving specific strategic initiatives.

Process Intelligence and Management Excellence


We help clients take a comprehensive and innovative process-focused approach to addressing their business issues.  We assess the strengths and weaknesses of the current organization and design a robust new structure. Our consultants help clients design organisations to reduce costs, drive growth, and strengthen both short-term performance and long-term organisational health.

Addressing Organisation Design Complexity and Adversity


 Effective organisation design must remove complexity that creates unnecessary cost and organisational friction, and channel what’s left to employees who are equipped to handle it. Using our proprietary complexity survey, we pinpoint issues such as a lack of role clarity or poor processes that could hinder productivity. 

Building Smart and Sustainable Enterprise-wide Collaboration

SSCG Project Management Services

Achieving large-scale enterprise wide collaboration —on customer solutions, product development, innovation, and the like—can unlock tremendous value. Using our analysis tool, we go beyond organisation charts to help our clients understand the value collaboration can bring and the mechanisms to enable it.

We create value through transforming client journeys

We help clients boost revenue growth across industries by optimizing delivery to market strategies and customer experience.

Our Work Impact

Private Business Management Transformation Services


At SSCG, We recognise that each business has unique needs. We work and provide tailor-made bespoke services to help our clients achieve their objectives. We work with individuals and privately owned businesses to build long-term relationships and develop strategies to achieve their ambitions.

Sharpening Business Objectives and Focus


The challenge of duality — finding a way to maintain your existing business while developing new revenue streams in parallel — is acute. The challenge the company faced was in finding new ways to drive growth and attract a new generation of customers in the digital age. Finding the right approach to exceed customer expectations.

End to End Business Model Transformation


How to profitably deliver services to customers has become a defining challenge for businesses today. Businesses need to reinvent their operating models to stay competitive, win in the market place and capture full value. Transitioning to the next-generation operating model starts with classifying and mapping key journeys future ambitions.

Small Business Startup and Scale Up Programme


We support small businesses growth through mentoring and advisory, helping them the entrepreneurs to sharpen their views, leadership intelligence and go to market approach to enhance business performance and profitability.

Harnessing Enterprise Leadership and Agility


 The challenges businesses face today are many and far more complex that they once were, meaning business leaders and entrepreneurs need to be agile, take bold vision and radical rethink how stay competitive against peers and unlock next phase of growth.

Supporting Enterprise Growth and Operation De-Risking


To help business leaders and entrepreneurs accelerate and scale up growth, we look not only at their business cycle and investment opportunities, but also lay a good foundation to discover where weak links and surprises are to de-risk their operations.

Our People

Eugene Nizeyimana


Director and Leader, Automotive, Manufacturing, Energy, Oil and Gas

Trevor Simumba


Director and Leader, Development Economics, Trade and Business Development

Veronica George


Partner and Lead Consultant, Project Management and Business Development

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