Consumer Packaged Goods

Industrialising African manufacturing sector to unlock full potential and create new value

Manufacturing industry plays a pivotal role in the global economy, made evident by positive contribution to the overall GDP and national productivity. Given the ongoing volatility and uncertainty inherent in today’s global marketplace, manufacturers and tier suppliers are faced with diverse challenges and disruptions.

Meanwhile, industrial and production manufacturing in Africa has been growing steadily, the region has become home to some of the large number of global manufacturing companies, which vary considerably in size and capital structure. But share the same fundamental market context, objectives of growth, adaptability and long-term viability. They are establishing themselves in response to market developments and changes in demand driven by improved fiscal and trade policies, presence of raw materials, cheap labour, infrastructure development and growing consumer market. 

Africa’s rapidly expanding population and simultaneous surge in demand for industrial and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) and processed food has deemed the continent a progressive business and industrial proposition for global investors, businesses and entrepreneurs. The disruptions also means great opportunities for players willing to transform, adapt their business models  that effectively accommodate local dynamics to operate in the market competitively and unlock new growth opportunities. 

SSCG Manufacturing Practice helps clients to navigate complexities to stay competitive in a constantly changing and competitive world. We help clients integrate their networks and drive operational excellence within their manufacturing operations to meet profitability and quality objectives.

Whether planning to establish a new plant facility or business concept, transforming your business model for growth, modernising for new technologies, looking to de-risk operations and accelerate delivery speed to market, or to outpace new competitors, capture new customer expectations and launch a new innovative product. Companies and leaders of tomorrow must take bold steps and keep up with speed of change to secure their hold on that future. SSCG can support throughout the journey and end to end life-cycle.


We provide a range of manufacturing industry solutions

Manufacturing Strategy Development, Delivery and Transformation


Product Innovation, Development and Quality Engineering Management


Manufacturing Process Development, Improvement and Digitisation


Enhancing lean Manufacturing and Operation Excellence


Manufacturing Facility Planning and Delivery


Agile Supply Chain, Value Chains and Ecosystems Strengthening


Better Risk Management and Resilience in Consumer-Goods Companies

Today’s corporate leaders navigate a complex environment that is changing at an ever-accelerating pace. In a risk environment that is growing more perilous and costly, boards need to help steer their companies toward resilience and value by embedding strategic risk capabilities throughout the organisation. Most companies operate in a complex, industry-specific risk environment. They must navigate macroeconomic and geopolitical uncertainties and face risks arising in the areas of strategy, finance, products, operations, and compliance and conduct. In some sectors, companies have developed advanced approaches to managing risks that are specific to their business models. These approaches can sustain significant value. At the same time companies are challenged by emerging types of risks for which they need to develop effective mitigation plans; in their absence, the losses from serious risk events can be crippling.

Consumer-goods companies protect their reputation and brand value through sound practices to manage product quality as well as labor conditions in their production facilities. Yet they are constantly challenged to meet consumers’ ever-changing tastes and needs, as well as consumer-protection regulations. More

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