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Creating value through technology and consumer big data

SSCG Technology Consulting practice is dedicated to helping clients build tomorrow by solving today’s complex business problems involving strategy, procurement, design, delivery, and assurance of technology solutions. Our service areas include analytics and information management, delivery, technology risk services, and digital strategy and architecture,

as well as the spectrum of digital systems, design, and development services offered by

SSCG Digital.

We support clients gain clarity about their digital strategies, redesign their capabilities and operating models to take full advantage of digital technologies and opportunities to keep step with the "connected" consumer and workforce. We work closely with our clients assessing the impact of the digitisation trends on their end-to-end value chains, determining how their strategies need to evolve in light of the digital ecosystem, and identifying the capabilities they need in order to outperform competitors. We help them leverage digital channels and tools for efficient, low-cost service that enriches the overall customer experience

We provide digital assurance-based advisory services in the areas of digital assurance strategy and methodology, process and test competency assessment across the testing lifecycle. We help clients enhance their system quality, ensure user satisfaction, reduce time-to-market and aim to maximise testing Return on Investment (RoI).


Featured Capabilities

Digital Strategy Development, Deployment and Innovation


Process automation and enterprise digitisation


Harnessing Manufacturing Digital Transformation


Digital Business Automation (DBA)


Digital Quality Assurance Services


Industry 4.0 Revolution Adoption and Smart Enterprise


SSCG Digital Consulting Services

In an era of digital disruption and competitiveness, we help our clients evolve from simply thinking digital to integrating and the application of digital technologies and practices. We help clients evaluate and define digital infrastructure investment and capability needs to enhance operational effectiveness, connectivity, access to consumer big data; breaking down the digital divide and skills-mismatch.

Our People

Eugene Nizeyimana


Director and Leader, Automotive, Manufacturing, Energy, Oil and Gas


How Industrial Companies Can Respond To Disruptive Forces in Africa


Today manufacturing industries face unprecedented disruptions and competition in their scale and speed, driven by massive advances in data generation, technologies, and connectivity. They already affect all aspects of business and life more broadly. Challenges to preconceptions concerning the roles and responsibilities of companies abound.

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