Energy, Oil and Gas

Unlocking the Potential of African Energy Sector - Sustainable Energy Future for All

Energy is an important engine of economic growth. Most economic activities would be

impossible without energy. Adequate, reliable and competitively priced modern energy is

essential for business development, job creation, income generation, access to health, education and competitiveness. In many parts of Africa and other developing economies, achieving reliable power supply remains a pressing concern.

In countries with low energy access, the priority are to generate sustainable, affordable and reliable energy. Transition to a sustainable energy sector involves a unique mix of resource opportunities and challenges, prompting a different emphasis on access, efficiency, and renewable energy. 

We help energy sector client deliver affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy supply projects needed to end extreme poverty and promote shared prosperity. We help clients identify alternatives energy sources as they make transitions toward sustainable energy. 

We support our clients developing a long-term approach with sector-wide planning nationally and regionally to achieve optimal and cost-effective results. This include promoting deployment of energy solutions at scale to bring down costs. We help our clients to create the right policy, regulatory, and contractual frameworks; strengthening institutions that oversee and regulate the sector; to ensure that public utilities are creditworthy; and offering tailored guarantees where appropriate.  


Featured Capabilities

Upstream Energy Market and Economics

O&G Exploration and Production (E&P) Project Management

Accelerating Improvements in Energy Efficiency

Accelerating Renewable Energy Development

Accelerating Energy Access and Security

Energy Projects Portfolio Management

Transition to Low Carbon and Inclusive Resource Efficiency.

Transition to Sustainable Energy and Green Economy in Africa


How transition to economies that are low carbon, resource efficient and socially inclusive can benefit Africa. 

Redefining the Energy Landscape for Inclusiveness


Can investing in sustainable and  green economy accelerate sustainable and inclusive energy security in Africa?

Waste Recycling - Green Economy Entrepreneurship


Clean technologies offers opportunities in economic development, job creation and innovation.

Renewable Energy Project Portfolio Management


Accelerating Energy Supply and Efficiency Gains


Energy Sustainability Governance


Improving energy access and security in Africa

Our mission is to help our clients make distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements in their performance and to build a great firm that attracts, develops, excites, and retains exceptional people.

Our People

Eugene Nizeyimana


Director and Leader, Automotive, Manufacturing, Energy, Oil and Gas

Dr Bourima Ali Belgasem


Principal Consultant, Energy, Oil and Gas 

Featured Impact Stories

Strategic Planning for a Petroleum Company in South Africa


We supported a new petroleum company is South Africa to develop and execute its strategic plan, establish trading and petroleum distribution operation processes  and value chain partnership

Mentoring African Women in Renewable Businesses and Entrepreneurs


We have  been advising  women leaders of renewable energy and recycling startups companies and founders in Nigeria on growth strategies and development.

Development of a New African Indigenous Automotive Manufacturing Company


We have been supporting a new indigenous vehicle manufacturing and assembly company is South Africa with strategic planning, vehicle programme planning, manufacturing and supply chain process set up.

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