Operation Excellence (OE)

Unlocking sustainable growth and long-term value through operations excellence

The global  markets are demanding businesses and governments to continually find ways to do more with less, innovate and adapt, drive value and sustain performance over time. To achieve this scalable changes, operational executives have to alter their thinking and ways of doing business by adopting operational excellence programmes that will allow operations to attain operational cost containment and improved efficiencies, Sustainable cost reduction efforts and Workforce stability. 

We help our clients improve their operations while driving value, lower risks, costs, and increased revenues relative to their competitors to create value for customers and shareholders. We assist Operational Executives to operationalise business strategies, implement improvement and change in their processes, systems and people, as well as to maximise the value over the life of an asset or organisation.

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We work with industry sectors, marrying our functional approach with a wide range of industry-specific skills. We bring significant cost savings from implementing more efficient operating models, improve value for money from outsourcing and develop the right people and processes alongside a culture.

Specialised Featured Capabilities

Organisational effectiveness, Redesign and Simplification

Process transformation and Optimisation

Change management and Continuous Improvement

Operation Excellence Management Systems (OEMS) Development

People, Performance and Resource Optimisation

Lean Thinking and Six Sigma Management

Value and resilience through better risk management

Today’s corporate leaders navigate a complex environment that is changing at an ever-accelerating pace. In a risk environment that is growing more perilous and costly, boards need to help steer their companies toward resilience and value by embedding strategic risk capabilities throughout the organization. Most companies operate in a complex, industry-specific risk environment. They must navigate macroeconomic and geopolitical uncertainties and face risks arising in the areas of strategy, finance, products, operations, and compliance and conduct. In some sectors, companies have developed advanced approaches to managing risks that are specific to their business models. These approaches can sustain significant value. At the same time companies are challenged by emerging types of risks for which they need to develop effective mitigation plans; in their absence, the losses from serious risk events can be crippling.

Agile Consulting Services

SSCG provide end to end agile advisory and delivery services to clients to help them increase operation agility by following agile principles, ensure end-user satisfaction, enhance and speed-up the ROIs on using processes within the organisation. We support our clients identify best-fit process assessment and definition, create an agile transformation roadmap and implementing agile processes and programmes delivery.

Our People

Eugene Nizeyimana


Director and Leader, Automotive, Manufacturing, Energy, Oil and Gas

Dr Ishaya Adamu


Director and Leader, Corporate Governance and Leadership


Strengthening Organisational Operational Health and Performance Transformation


  Organisational health is about operational effectiveness and excellence to deliver top performance against goals and targets.  We work with clients helping the to transform enterprise wide operations to enhance health by making changes in the processes, best practices and performance to achieve efficiencies, better margins, revenues and accelerate growth. 

Strategic Planning for a Petroleum Company in South Africa


We supported a new petroleum company in South Africa to develop and execute its strategic plan, establish trading and petroleum distribution operation processes, facilities  and value chain partnerships with Major MNOC.

Empowering African Women in Businesses and Entrepreneurs through AWEC Programme


SSCG Co-Founder and Chief Executive Eugene Nizeyimana has been mentoring African women businesses on African Women Entrepreneurship Cooperative (AWEC) Programme hosted by the Centre for Global Enterprise (CGE) to start and scale up growth. More 

Development of Agri-Businesses and Products Processing Plants in Tanzania, Ghana and Nigeria


We have been supporting several clients in Ghana, Nigeria and Tanzania to establish Agriculture products and food processing plants and enhance value .

Vehicle Quality Engineering and Product Quality D&D Process Improvement in the UK


We have been supporting a premium global OEM company in the UK to enhance product quality, customer satisfaction, concepts quality strategies  and processes. 

Development of a New African Indigenous Automotive Manufacturing Company


We have been supporting a new indigenous vehicle manufacturing and assembly company is South Africa with strategic planning, vehicle programme planning, manufacturing and supply chain process set up.

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