Textile and Clothing

Transforming African Textile and Clothing Manufacturing Sector for Competitive Growth

The garment and clothing industry globally are expected to double in the next 10 years. The rise of Africa fast fashion industry in the past few years has brought in its wake a booming trade of second-hand clothing. This presents a tremendous opportunity for Africa at various levels of the value chain.

The textile and garment industry presents a unique opportunity for countries seeking to pursue industrialisation for economic prosperity. In an attempt to reconstruct the domestic garment industry, countries such as Rwanda are putting in place an industrial strategy to develop local textiles, apparel and leather sectors, taking a determined stance on imported second-hand clothing.

We support clients operating in the textile and clothing industry in Africa, helping them to redefine strategies and policy framework to accelerate  industrialisation and growth, increase focus on women and youth empowerment, by increasing access to finance and access to markets through e-commerce  for entrepreneurs whilst incubating and accelerating start-ups. We also help small businesses and entrepreneurs to enhance their manufacturing and production capabilities, go to market strategies, transform operation for effectiveness and enhance supply chains.


Featured Capabilities

Strengthening Africa's Fashion SMEs and Entrepreneurs


Creating Competitive Africa's Clothing Value Chain


Unlocking Global Market for African Made Clothing


Stimulating Local Textile and Clothing Production Enterprises


Setting Up Effective Industrial Development Strategies


Building Manufacturing Strength of Textile and Clothing Sectors


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Impact Stories

Development of Agri-Business and Products Processing Plants in Tanzania, Ghana and Nigeria


We have been supporting clients in Ghana, Nigeria and Tanzania to establish Agriculture products processing plants.

Vehicle Quality Engineering and Product Quality D&D Process Improvement in the UK


We have been supporting a premium global OEM company in the UK to enhance product quality, customer satisfaction, concepts quality strategies  and processes. 

Development of a New African Indigenous Automotive Manufacturing Company in SA


We have been supporting a new indigenous vehicle manufacturing and assembly company is South Africa with strategic planning, vehicle programme planning, manufacturing and supply chain process set up.

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