Redefining African Healthcare Sector and Value-chain of the Future

Healthcare is a critical sector of the economy. The sector faces major challenges across Africa ranging from infrastructure deficits, digitisation, leadership, clinical service quality delivery, performance, efficiency and effectiveness. Given the sector dynamics, most healthcare organisations today must undertake transformations and significant changes that improve performance, build capabilities and strengthen best behaviour. These transformations must address both organisational performance and health (i.e., culture, leadership, ability to change). 

Improving operation productivity and excellence in healthcare delivery could change these dynamics. This means truly focusing on operation effectiveness, safety, quality service and patient’s experience.

In an industry as labour-intensive as healthcare, success also require a robust human capital strategy. Performance management, talent recruitment and retention, workforce productivity and role design, benefits management, and leadership development are all crucial.

SSCG Healthcare Practice is committed to providing long-term support to clients and payers as they tackle challenges and transform healthcare delivery across Africa.  We help providers transform their management and clinical operations to improve quality and reduce costs, taking a value-based approach and engaging and inspiring hospital staff. 

We help our clients engage frontline staff—doctors, physicians and nurses—to lead the effort to address the causes of variability and make critical changes. We work with both private and public health stakeholders on frontline-driven clinical operations improvements. We help build internal capabilities to ensure the impact endures long benefits. We work directly with frontline and administrative leaders to build their own capabilities in coaching and modelling the mind-sets that will ensure successful and lasting transformational change. And we help improve their leadership skills—from the C-suite to the front line—so people can do their jobs more effectively. 

We support healthcare clients improve their organisational health to enhance performance and ensure that  organizational design supports optimal performance and a continued focus on what matters.


Specialised Featured Capabilities

Strengthening Healthcare Policies, Leadership and Governance

Operation and Process Transformation to Improve Outcomes, Nursing Excellence and Reduce Costs

Healthcare Delivery Quality and Effectiveness Improvement to Reduce Hospitalisation

Improving Patients Access, Centricity and Experience

Professional Skills and Capability Development for Operational Improvement

Digital Health, RPA, System Digitisation and Integration to Improve Care Quality and Response

Re-Shaping African Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Value-chain

Transforming Pharmaceutical Services and Access to Medicines in Uganda


 SSCG Partner and Country Lead in Uganda Veronica George with Vivo Energy Uganda MD Gilbert Assi reviewing Pharmaceutical product and service delivery implementation progress and  the evaluation of collaborative strategy execution for Vivo Energy Goodlife Pharmacy. 

Digital Health: Enhancing Healthcare Efficiency and Delivery through Technologies


We work with clients helping them to deploy multi-disciplinary digital strategies and technologies to address health service delivery challenges and patients access. We work to enhance the development and improvement of interconnected health systems in Africa.

Regulation of Counterfeit Drugs from the African Pharmaceutical Supply Chain


Around the world, many deaths are attributed to substandard and counterfeit drugs. There are more fakes than real drugs in the market. We are working with clients to enhance tracking system, visibility and regulatory compliance for the pharmaceutical industry.

Our People

Veronica George


Partner and Country Lead, SSCG Consulting Uganda 

Mary Byukusenge


Partner and Associate Consultant, Healthcare Transformation and Respiratory Medical Practitioner at Oxford University Hospital

Featured Impact Stories

Delivering Pharmaceutical Collaborative Strategies and Service Quality Optimisation in Uganda


SSCG Partner and Country Lead Veronica George  has advised and implemented collaborative strategies for companies like Africa Chemist & Beauty Care (U) Ltd (Goodlife Pharmacies), Vivo Energy and Lancet Laboratories to enhance service provision in the health and retail sectors. 

Management of Telemedicine and Better Access to Healthcare Programmes in Kenya.


SSCG Partner and Country Lead Veronica George has worked with Daktari Africa in collaboration with The Nike Foundation to bring telemedicine and better access to healthcare to the slums of Kibera and Mathare in Kenya. 

Empowering African Women in Pharmaceutical Businesses through AWEC Programme


SSCG Chief Executive Eugene Nizeyimana has been advising Dr Abimbora Adebakin, CEO of  My-Medicines: Online Pharmacy in Nigeria serving over 900 retails on growth and scale-up strategies through African Women Entrepreneurship Cooperative (AWEC) Programme . More 

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