We help clients find efficiencies, scale up growth and profitability.

Making Good and Informed Decisions

SSCG’s Operational Excellence professionals help clients improve decision-making and discover true customer expectations. From acquiring highly talented people, defining service offerings, deploying robust processes and strategies to solving critical strategic problems as soon as they arises to gain competitive edge.

Featured Solutions

SSCG Agribusiness, SSCG Consulting, Sub-Saharan Consulting Group, #SSCGConsulting #SSCG

Impact Investing - Executing ESG and Local Value Addition Strategies. More


 Industry 4.0 - Industrialising Manufacturing Sector to Stimulate Productivity. More

SSCG Healthcare, SSCG Consulting, Sub-Saharan Consulting Group,#SSCGConsulting #SSCG

Delivering Healthcare Market Development and Quality Transformation Initiatives. More

SSCG Agribusiness, SSCG Consulting, Sub-Saharan Consulting Group, #SSCGConsulting #SSCG

Sustaining Agri-enterprises Growth - Strengthening value chain, operational effectiveness, systems and technologies. More


 Re-shaping African High Volume Transport - Establishing Smart, Sustainable, Safe and Shared (4S) Mobility. More

SSCG Automotive, SSCG Consulting, Sub-Saharan Consulting Group, #SSCGConsulting #SSCG

Transforming African Automotive Industry  and Value-chain to Scale up and Accelerate Global Competitive Growth. More

Africa offers profitable and impactful business opportunities for both investors and entrepreneurs

Our Work and Featured Impact Stories

Strategy Transformation and Process Improvement for a Financial company in Zimbabwe

Eugene Nizeyimana, SSCG Consulting, Sub-Saharan Consulting Group, #SSCGConsulting #SSCG

In financial services, we supported a CEO  to reduced regional centres, de-risk operation, redesigned key strategic and finance processes for efficiency, and consolidated fragmented value-chain functions to scale up growth, enhance excellence and profitability.

Strategic Planning for a Petroleum Company in South Africa

SSCG Energy, Oil and Gas, SSCG Consulting, Sub-Saharan Consulting Group, #SSCGConsulting #SSCG

We supported a startup petroleum company in South Africa to develop and execute its strategic plan, establish trading and petroleum distribution operation processes, facilities  and value chain partnerships with Major MNOC.

Empowering African Women in Businesses and Entrepreneurs through AWEC Programme

Eugene Nizeyimana, SSCG Consulting, Sub-Saharan Consulting Group, #SSCGConsulting #SSCG, AWEC

SSCG's Chief Executive Eugene Nizeyimana has been mentoring African women businesses on African Women Entrepreneurship Cooperative (AWEC) Programme hosted by the Centre for Global Enterprise (CGE) to start and scale up growth.

Developing Agri-Businesses and Processing Plants in Tanzania, Ghana and Nigeria

SSCG Agribusiness, SSCG Consulting, Sub-Saharan Consulting Group, #SSCGConsulting #SSCG

We have been supporting several clients in Ghana, Nigeria and Tanzania to establish Agriculture products and food processing plants, build supply chain and enhance value..

Vehicle Quality Engineering and Product Quality D&D Process Improvement in the UK


We have been supporting our premium global OEM client in the UK to enhance product quality, customer satisfaction, concepts quality strategies  and processes. 

Development of a New African Indigenous Automotive Manufacturing Company


We have been supporting a new indigenous vehicle manufacturing and assembly company is South Africa with strategic planning, vehicle programme planning, manufacturing and supply chain process set up.

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