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SSCG is a  global professional service firm. We provide advisory, consulting and operation support to clients across the public sector, private, business services, automotive, oil and gas, and manufacturing sectors. Our mission and objectives are to help our clients solve complex business challenges and market adversity, enhance their ability to drive value, competitive growth, risk containment and improve performance. SSCG solutions are designed to help clients make distinctive transformations , drive sustainable growth with increased trust, confidence and greater collaboration. We provide informed perspective on the issues faced our clients in the marketplace. The insights and quality solutions delivered to support  clients unlock new investment opportunities, drive values and build confidence in the markets and economies.

Practices and Capabilities

Management and Operational Excellence (MAO)


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Business and Process Intelligent (BPI)


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Project Portfolio Management (PPM)


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Manufacturing and Production Excellence (MPE)


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Product and Quality Engineering (PQE)


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Automotive and Assembly Operation (AAO)


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Strategy Innovation and Realignment

SSCG work with clients to help them to turn thinking into execution; accelerate profitable innovation and digital ecosystems; deliver breakthrough strategies; optimise business capabilities to increase profitability, drive growth and manage risk. We are uniquely qualified to transform and bring great value to our clients.

Process Optimisation and Transformation

At SSCG, We have shaped the future of many businesses. We partners with our clients to transform their business models and processes to meet the competitive challenges of the future.  We bring the right skills to challenge thinking and drive transformation.  We help clients become purpose-driven and fuel efficiencies. 

Lean Six Sigma Engineering Management

 We help our clients solve complex issues and capitalise on opportunities to deliver outcomes that grow, optimise and protect our clients’ businesses. SSCG lean and six sigma management professionals work to navigate complexity and deliver continuous improvement solutions on time, on budget and deliver long term benefits and value. 

Projects Portfolio Management and Delivery Realisation

SSCG professionals uses well established methodologies and leading  practices, which are deployed to diverse projects and sectors. We can help you manage project portfolio effectively, enhance performance, increase benefit realisation and probability, deliver sustainable results and measurable improvements in productivity, cost, quality, and time to market. 

Operational Excellence and Capability Transformation

 SSCG help clients strengthen and align leadership, transform processes, optimise management practices and build capabilities. We help sector clients develop and manage processes and technologies to meet their missions in the most cost effective manner.  We help clients apply leading operational and management best practices to enhance performance. 

Go to Market and Competitiveness Growth

We work with our clients to build the capabilities that enable them to deploy go to market and growth strategies to create and capture new consumer opportunities, achieve competitive advantage. We help clients disrupt markets, uncover new sources of consumer value, integrate consumer voice in their product and services to achieve competitive advantage.


Global Auto Industry and Consumer Market Outlook

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Powertrain Electrification and Technology evolution

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Smart Mobility and Sustainable Transportation

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Disruptive Business Models and Operation Best Practices

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Key Trends Driving Economic Shifts and Market Risks

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Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity in Context

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