Our Practices

With the right combination of deep industry experience and insights, we work with clients in an array of industries to find actionable solutions to business and market challenges.

SSCG's Global Practices are credentialed consultancy functions dedicated at creating measurable and sustainable value for businesses around the globe in a variety of industries. We blends highly experienced consultants, engineering and business professionals. We help our clients deliver strategic objectives, transform operation processes, improve efficiency and navigate the increasingly complex regulatory and market challenges that you face.

We combine our multi-disciplinary approach with deep, practical industry knowledge to support our clients meet market dynamic challenges and respond to opportunities. In response to market shift and new challenges faced by our clients. We do not just to react , but also aspire and strive to develop innovative approaches and transformative solutions on our promises to help our clients outperform in their territories.   

SSCG Global Practices

Creating impactful transformations and values that matters

As professional service firm, we help our clients solve complex business challenges and market adversity, enhance their ability to drive value, competitive growth, risk containment and improve performance.

We provide a broad range of services and solutions that are focused on improving value for clients and enabling the pursuit and fulfilment of ambitions. SSCG expert professionals guide the way to solving our clients’ complex and adversity business challenges.

Our insights, quality service provision and delivery approaches help us to build trust and confidence in the markets and in economies we operate in.


Our Stories

Annual Review

Eugene Nizeyimana, SSCG Consulting, Sub-Saharan Consulting Group, #SSCGConsulting #SSCG

Looking at our performance against what we set to achieve and the impact on our clients, partners, people and society we work in.

Our History

Eugene Nizeyimana, SSCG Consulting, Sub-Saharan Consulting Group, #SSCGConsulting #SSCG

Beginnings are important – they set in motion everything that is to come. We’re proud of our history from launch in Oxford to multidimensional service delivery, which spans across regions, and the businesses we’ve helped over the years.

The impact we’are making

Eugene Nizeyimana, SSCG Consulting, Sub-Saharan Consulting Group, #SSCGConsulting #SSCG #andstreet

 Eugene Nizeyimana, SSCG Chief Executive talking about Birmingham economic growth and the empowerment and contribution of African businesses in the Midlands economy with Andrew John Street CBE, Mayor of West Midlands Combined Authority. More 

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