Advisory Services

We help clients to deliver change, address the challenges of volatile industries and market complexity.

Businesses in diverse industries are demanding a broad mix of advisory services as they seek to transform to address the multitude of challenges and capture opportunities presented by a persistently volatile and complex markets and industries.

We serve clients at every level of their business cycle and in whatever capacity, whether it's advice on improving the performance, undertaking a transaction or restructuring or advice on how to handle risk and regulation or act as a trusted adviser to top management. No matter the challenges, we focus on delivering practical and enduring results, and equipping our clients to grow and lead. 

We partner with clients to deliver recommendations into practice. Our implementation professionals work directly with clients to help develop skills, improve capabilities, drive operational improvement, apply best practices and methodologies.

Featured Capabilities

Strategic Planning and Operational Governance

SSCG Strategic Planning Services

A robust operating governance model establish the mechanisms and interaction points by which governance will be implemented. It enables leadership as appropriate to their responsibilities to organise these mechanisms and points of interaction across the enterprise's business lines, legal entities and jurisdictions. An enterprise-level model consist of: A well-defined charts and reporting structure, oversight responsibilities, talent (management capabilities), culture and ethics; and the infrastructure (governance and risk oversight policies and procedures, reports, targets, KPIs and metrics and the enabling technology systems).

Risk Identification, Breakdown and Management Advisory

SSCG Operation Services

African markets presents abundance growth potential.  Most organisations and companies operating in the region have a good view of principal risks and understand that effective governance is a critical aspect for success. However, many remains without risk approach to prioritise actions and related governance, inadequate or being executed in an uncoordinated way with limited visibility to management. We support our clients to understand and align risk management with operations and assess risk profile for changes, This include establishing processes to analyse the internal and external environment for trends that could impact our client's risk exposure, identify responses to emerging trends that could affect their business resiliency to the risks. 

Managing Growing Quality and Market Risks

SSCG Business Modelling Services

Global risk landscape remains volatile, uncertain and complex, from increasing consumer high demands and expectations, to political unknown, greater scrutiny from regulators, legislators and other governmental authorities.  We help our clients continuously and relentlessly focus on Quality and Risk Management (QRM), actively monitor, strengthen and improve their risk procedures, Quality Management Systems (QMS), product strategies, and responses to mitigate risks. In addition, help to harness  and promote a continuous improvement culture where their teams learn from others’ experiences.

Value Added Strategy for Sustainable Growth


African markets, business context and localisation regulatory requirements calls for value added progressive actions to incorporate Social and Sustainability Governance (SSG) best practices in all business activities to drive productivity and competitive performance as well as inclusive and sustainable development.  We help our clients develop ESG, SSG and CSR strategies to drive added value.

Growth and Expansion in the African Markets


African markets have become increasingly attractive to global investors and companies following ongoing series of economic, political, social and infrastructure transformations.  SSCG Advisory professionals work across spectrum covering areas as diverse as profitability, transformation, business modelling, risk, growth, structure and operations.

Proactive Risk Assurance and Oversight


Many risk trends, if materialised, could impact business performance, ability to achieve strategies and the protection of brand reputation, consistent delivery at speed and quality of products and services. We support our clients  to proactively assess, manage, monitor and respond to risks trends by developing and executing robust enterprise risk strategies and actions.

Developing a Robust and Effective Enterprise Governance Operating Model

We support our clients define and execute a governance operating model to enable the executive leadership to organise mechanisms and points of interaction across the enterprise's business lines, legal entities, and jurisdictions.

Our People

Eugene Nizeyimana


Director and Leader, Automotive, Manufacturing, Energy, Oil and Gas


Trevor Simumba


Director and Leader, Business Development, Economics and Trade


Veronica George


Partner and Lead Consultant, Project Management and Business Development


Featured Impact Stories

Strategy Transformation and Process Improvement for a Financial company in Zimbabwe


We have been supporting a micro-finance client in Zimbabwe to realign their business strategy and process transformation to scale up growth, enhance excellence and profitability 

Strategic Planning for a Petroleum Company in South Africa


We supported a new petroleum company is South Africa to develop and executes its strategic plan, establish trading and petroleum distribution operation processes  and value chain partnership

Mentoring African Women Businesses and Entrepreneurs at AWEC


SSCG Co-Founder and Chief Executive Eugene Nizeyimana has been mentoring African women businesses on African Women Entrepreneurship Cooperative (AWEC) to start and scale up growth. More 

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