Our Vision

Creating impactful transformations and values that matters

We support clients across diverse sectors of economies to make distinctive business model transformation, restructuring, strategy re-alignment and deploy lean improvements in their performance and processes to establish and growth competitive companies and organisations. 

We support our clients identify efficiencies, new opportunities and set the direction toward achieving their ambitious goals into reality. We work with our clients to transform their companies and organisations  in the ways that matter most to them to enhance productivity, efficiencies, profitability and competitive growth. This means embedding technology, insights, and know how into core processes and people mind-sets; building capabilities that help clients to thrive in an ever-changing markets; and developing excellence in execution to ensure that actions translate into outcomes, effectively and sustainably.  

We combine our global expertise and local insight to help clients achieve both internal and external economic changes.

By 2020, We aim to be

A distinctive top tier professional services firm

A world-class brand and reputation in the market place

The best favoured employer and by clients attracting world-class talent

A leading and increase our market share in our chosen services

Delivering competitive growth and earnings

Have strengthen positive relationships with our stakeholders

Driving Enterprise Informed and Good Decision Making

We provide informed perspective on the issues faced by our clients. The insights and quality solutions delivered to support our clients unlock new potential and values, build trust and confidence in the markets and in economies.

Our Services

Our Stories

Annual Review

SSCG Consulting #SSCGConsulting #SSCG

Looking at our performance against what we set to achieve and the impact on our clients, partners, people and society we work in.

Our History

Eugene Nizeyimana, SSCG Consulting, Sub-Saharan Consulting Group, #SSCGConsulting #SSCG

Beginnings are important – they set in motion everything that is to come. We’re proud of our history from launch in Oxford to multidimensional service delivery, which spans across regions, and the businesses we’ve helped over the years.

The impact we’are making

EugeneNizeyimana, SSCGConsulting, Sub-Saharan Consulting Group, #SSCGConsulting #SSCG, Hon Ito Naoki

SSCG hosted UK-Africa SME Finance Conference where Hon Naoki Ito, Minister (Economic) delivered a talk on the impact and focus of Tokyo International Conference of African Development (TICAD) in Africa in the midst of rising competition. 

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