Transforming African Infrastructure for Competitive Growth and Productivity

Infrastructure development is a key driver for competitiveness and progress across the African continent and a critical enabler for productivity and sustainable economic growth. 

Africa’s vast infrastructure deficit is a constraint on its growth, but also an opportunity to leapfrog to new, more efficient technologies. For region, the need for adequate infrastructure is particularly apparent.

We work with clients and industry suppliers working to develop key reliable energy supply, affordable housing, communication systems and transport infrastructure.


Featured Capabilities

Capital Projects Planning and Delivery Management


Managing Public Infrastructure Mega Projects Development


Strengthening Transport and Road Infrastructure


Feasibility Study and Assessment of Energy Projects


Affordable Housing Development in Africa


Planning and Delivery of Manufacturing Infrastructures


Our People

Eugene Nizeyimana


Director and Leader, Automotive, Manufacturing, Energy, Oil and Gas

Impact Stories

Development of Agri-Business and Products Processing Plants in Tanzania, Ghana and Nigeria


We have been supporting clients in Ghana, Nigeria and Tanzania to establish Agriculture products processing plants.

Vehicle Quality Engineering and Product Quality D&D Process Improvement in the UK


We have been supporting a premium global OEM company in the UK to enhance product quality, customer satisfaction, concepts quality strategies  and processes. 

Development of a New African Indigenous Automotive Manufacturing Company in SA


We have been supporting a new indigenous vehicle manufacturing and assembly company is South Africa with strategic planning, vehicle programme planning, manufacturing and supply chain process set up.

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