Operation Services

Creating competitive advantage, operational effeciencies and accelerating transformation through collaborative working

Effective integration, execution and managing change projects and business initiatives in the most optimal way, as well as creating value and efficiency, demand that business leaders are able to refocus their attention. SSCG's integration professionals support businesses to enhance value from their operations. Our operations and integration services can help clients realise value rapidly by improving profit, accelerating execution, enhancing capability and managing risks. 

We help clients integrate processes and operations to create a distinctive environment that supports quality,  time delivery, flexibility and profitability goals.   Our approach helps management understand and control the integration process, retain a sense of urgency, identify and respond to execution problems, and extract real value from the deal. Above all, our client management retains control and responsibility for the integration and delivery process. Potential benefits include enhanced market credibility, reduced risk of value destruction, brand protection, and employee, customer and supplier retention. 

Integration Programmes Management

Operations Transformation and Process Consolidation

Project Portfolio Management

Change Execution and Integration Management

Complex Business and Innovation Problem Solving

New Products Introduction, Launch and Reengineering

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