Environmental and Sustainability

Economic development, social development and environmental protection

We work with our clients to help them maintain change in a balanced environment, in which the exploitation of resources, the direction of investments, the orientation of technological development and institutional change are all in harmony and enhance both current and future potential to meet human needs and aspirations. We support clients take a holistic approach and temporal processes that lead us to the end point of sustainability.

SSCG team and member firms help clients to successfully manage corporate responsibility and sustainable development issues. We help multiple industries and companies embedding corporate responsibility into business processes, value chain and activities. We supports efforts to deliver long-term sustainable value to our clients and their stakeholders. In addition, we help to harness best practice in people management; assess business-related risks and opportunities; and to develop sound and responsible sustainable business strategies.

Addressing Sustainability in 3 Dimensions

Turning Garbage and Waste into Wealth


Innovative models for waste management in Africa to protect and curtail the degradation of the ecosystem, urban and natural landscapes, reduce the risks to human and ecological health.

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)


 Optimising business performance and growth leadership across the value chain while protecting people, assets, and the environment.

Harnessing Sustainable and Impact Investing


Directing purpose driven investment funds and capital to enterprises that return profit while generating social or environmental benefits.

Climate Change Strategic Governance


Establishing company rules and processes to help managing responses to the opportunities of climate change. Taking a company’s environmental sustainability and social responsibility potential into account

in the investment process.

Accelerating African green economy


 We work with our clients helping them to define and establish strategies and policy support for investment in green sectors and for greening environmentally unfriendly sectors and enterprises.

Climate Change Resilience Management


 Recent Cyclone Idai has triggered a widespread flooding and devastation in southern Africa affecting hundreds of thousands if not millions of people in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi. This disaster has also prompted the urgency for resiliency building towards climate change in the region.

Circular Economy Product Development

We help companies to develop growth within strategies and focusing on getting more value from the existing products, resources and materials, while decoupling value creation from resource consumption by adopting circular-economy principles and integrating new technologies and business models.

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Environmental Compliance Management

Managing the environmental, social  risks and ecological scarcities.

Sustainable and impact development

Developing a climate‐resilient green economy strategy.

Energy efficiency and low carbon operation

Establishing energy‐efficient technologies in transport, agribusinesses, industrial sectors, and buildings.

Sustainability Strategies for African Mining Sector

Development of minerals and energy resources in a way that maximises the economic and social benefits while minimising the environmental impacts.

Transition towards green economy

Moving towards sustainable and low carbon emission transport and mobility.

Environmental Health and Safety Solutions (EHSS)

Helping industrial manufacturing

companies to establish the right health, safety and risk (HSR) management best practices.

Our People

Eugene Nizeyimana


Director and Leader, Automotive, Manufacturing, Energy, Oil and Gas

Trevor Simumba


Director and Leader, Business Development, Economics and Trade

Veronica George


Partner and Lead Consultant, Project Management and Business Development

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